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Are calvin klein briefs good or calvin klein boxers?

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Wearing ck underwear is also cheap! It is recommended to wear a flat angle in the summer because of the high temperature required for cooling under the weather - it is very cool when it comes to the triangle. Although it does not wear, it is still a bit of a gap. The material that we are wearing is also stressful. We always think that cotton is the best hygiene! There is no cotton ck underwear cheap, really comprehensive you will be hard to wear uncomfortable, uncomfortable you will buy it? So manufacturers will add something. And cotton heat, wet ability is not strong, especially female summer wear this ck underwear cheap bacteria is easy to grow, men are, if you are more developed sweat glands, then you do not want to clip a wet thing to live it. There is still a mix of cotton and Lycra. The material is very elastic and relatively close. The heat dissipation is relatively good! But this is not better, and it's better to be Modal. It's more comfortable than Leica! Sometimes people have the illusion of not wearing ck underwear cheap. Boxer CK underwear is cheap and there are people who are not suitable to wear, like some of the thighs are thicker to wear flat-cut calvin klein underwear is not very good, so this time will choose triangle calvin klein underwear cheap. Just now the temperature comparison was performed at the same material angle.

Men's calvin klein underwear is now more and more expensive. Young people prefer calvin klein underwear which is fashionable and dynamic. However, in the calvin klein underwear, we have a lot of blind spots. Men buy calvin klein underwear cheaper, first of all want to understand the type of underwear calvin klein fabrics and underwear calvin klein, and then according to their need to buy ruyi underwear calvin klein.

Thick-legged men are prone to sweating. When choosing high-top briefs, do not choose pure cotton. The best choice is cotton content of 15% to 30%. At present, there are some modal, bamboo fiber and other fabrics that can effectively perspire and dry faster. .

Compared to the tightness of briefs, the looseness of boxer pants has won the favor of many people, especially male doctors have also advocated the majority of male friends to wear this style of underwear calvin klein. The scrotum is very sensitive to the outside temperature, without subcutaneous fat and rich sweat glands, which helps to dissipate heat.

When the outside temperature is low, the smooth muscle and the cremaster muscle of the meat film are stimulated to contract, so that the testicle position is elevated, and the scrotal skin is tightly contracted into dense folds, and is retracted to the perineum to prevent heat dissipation and contribute to heat preservation. When the outside temperature rises, the smooth muscle relaxes, the testicle falls, leaves the body, and the scrotal skin relaxes, increasing the heat-dissipation area, which is favorable for local heat dissipation.

The temperature of the scrotum has a great influence on the spermatogenesis of the testes. The temperature in the scrotal cavity is about 2 degrees Celsius lower than that in the body. It is the most suitable temperature for spermatogenesis. If the temperature is too high, there will be obstacles in the spermatogenesis process, or even a complete stoppage, and the secretion of testosterone will also decrease.

The looseness of the boxer pants makes the self-adjustment of the scrotum more comfortable and in a natural state, which makes the men more comfortable and healthy when they are sedentary.

Whether it is cheap calvin klein briefs or boxer underwear ck cheaper, choose the right one is the best.

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